4&20......A Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Tribute........
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      A Tribute to the music of CSNY......Deja Vu....  personified!! 


  live recording 7/4/2013 Sundown Salute  Junction City,KS

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Family Arena 11/22/2014
                                                4&20~a tribute to CSNY

photo~ Madison Thorn       Junction City,KS July 4  Sundown Salute 2013


                                                          photo / art ~ Rip Kastaris  Family Arena 2012

                           Family Arena 12/10/2012       


       phot0~ Madison Thorn
  "I went to the Family Arena last night not knowing what to expect........The CSNY Tribute Band was unbelieveably awesome!! From the four part harmonies to the dueling guitars, everything about this band was "Spot On!!" My boyfriend said that this was the best concert he had ever been to. I invited four friends to go along and we all were in total amazement at how you sounded like the real deal! We are your newest and most committed fans....when you come back we will be there front and center!!
You all rock!

WOW! I have followed your careers for years and last night I had the good fortune to experience
your 4 &20 show at the St. Charles Family Arena. UNBELIEVABLE! Scary at times, how, especially with Ohio, I was transported back to the time I had just gotten out of the Army. Your portrayal of CSN&Y is uncannily spot-on. We won't miss another show! Great Stuff. I've worked with many tribute bands in 35 years in radio, but you guys absolutely ROCK!!
  ~ Kevin Mcarthey
                  Family Arena December 10, 2011               photo ~ Chuck Sheets

Slideshow from December 10, 2011 @ Family Arena ~ Bill Thomas

Terry Jones Rogers and Scott Nienhaus, of ROGERS&NIENHAUS, along with percussionist, drummer and vocalist Tim Politte, keyboardist Bill Murphy, and percussionist Madison Thorn, have joined with:  THE MONDIN BAND, John Mondin, Paul Graves, and John Coatney, to create a tribute to CSNY. Not only are they all world-class musicians, Rogers, Nienhaus & Politte toured the world as members of THE BYRDS and THE BYRDS CELEBRATION, and have worked with Firefall and Nicolette Larson.

This is a group that you don't want to miss!!!! These guys NAIL THIS STUFF!!! From their pristine harmonies, to the fiery exhange between guitarists John Mondin and Scott Nienhaus, recalling the great repartee between Stills and Young on 4 Way Street.
                               Do yourself a favor, and experience ~ 4&20 ~ a tribute to CSNY!!!

YouTube videos from our show @ The Family Arena in St. Charles,MO 12/10/2011:

Medley from Family Arena 2011

Love the One You're With
Southern Cross
Marrakesh Express
Cinnamon Girl
Suite Judy Blue Eyes
Wooden Ships
Carry On
Almost Cut My Hair
Treetop Flyer
Country Girl
Immigration Man
Southern Man

                                                                                                                                                                            photo ~ Madison Thorn     Family Arena 12/10/2011       Madison Thorn Photography
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